Testimonial Joe and Patti - Before

My wife and I really wanted to do this review to help customers realize how great Foremost (through Costco.ca) cabinets are compared to other cabinet companies (upgraded to plywood construction). We did a custom kitchen and our door style was Farmington and the colour was Spice. We will start with our fears and then give our response to those fears.

Fears – Doing our own measurements, all communication through phone and email, shipping/damage, how do they deal with issues and what is the turnaround time for those issues, quality (never saw the cabinets in person went based on pictures/stats on their site).

Measurements – worked out perfectly, all cabinets fit amazing and had zero issues

Communication – Dealing with Mary-Ellen via phone/email we quickly realized that they were quick to respond and always willing to make changes/tweak things to get to what we wanted. She was available 5 days a week and if we called and didn’t get through she would quickly respond back.

Shipping/Damage – Wow…It starts with the packing…yes the packing…it was bullet proof. It was double packed with cardboard and zero exposed cabinetry causing us to have zero issues with damage on delivery. The other cabinets we received from another company were packed terrible with minimal coverage causing a lot of exposure of the cabinet. You could see visual damage upon receipt of the cabinetry.

Issues – We had a few doors (2) that weren’t damaged but the wood grain just fell in a way we didn’t like it. Mary-Ellen quickly took care of it and we had new doors very quickly. It was great to have a company back there product to 100% satisfaction.

Quality – Wow, Wow, Wow. Mary-Ellen told us they look and feel like furniture….she wasn’t kidding. If you are questioning/contemplating the purchase of these cabinets, stop and buy them. The hinges and sliders are all top quality, metal, soft closing and work amazingly well. The construction of the cabinets are solid – these things are built strong and sturdy and the wood is thicker than most cabinet companies. My other cabinets from another company were made of thinner wood all around, cabinet walls were bowing/marked up and the soft close hinges just don’t work near as well as the Foremost hinges. To add, the other company says that some bowing is acceptable in there cabinetry and wanted nothing to do with correcting it.

Bottom Line – We wish we would have ordered all our cabinetry (vanities, laundry) through Foremost after receiving the product and actually visually seeing how much better their product was than the garbage which we had paid an upgrade fee to get plywood construction to be equivalent to Foremost. Having said that, Foremost was still more expensive but well worth the money and dealing with Mary-Ellen was a pleasure and a great help to get us.

Thanks you,
Joe and Patti

Testimonial Joe and Patti - After

Testimonial Joe and Patti - After