In the summer of 2015 we bought an old house and decided to renovate the kitchen. The existing kitchen and space had some inherent challenges that would demand more of a custom design. And there were some interesting features that we wanted to preserve and adapt to our own ideas. We wanted a custom kitchen of high-quality cabinetry and we wanted to work in tandem with a designer to create the kitchen but without the astronomical cost that would normally be associated with such a project. Through we researched the cabinetry of CRAFT + MAIN CABINETRY which supplies in-stock cabinetry along with option of special order as required. The website gave us everything we needed to appreciate the quality and beauty of the cabinetry and understand the online design and support system that accompanies the product. And since we lived outside of a major city we were excited about the online process of design and purchase and delivery of fully assembled cabinets with payment through

We followed the online guide for measuring the existing space and submitted this to CRAFT + MAIN CABINETRY along with our own notes and sketches of ideas for the space. From there the in-house design team developed a few layouts and emailed them to us with both floor plans and 3D views. We responded with additional ideas and over a few weeks of emails and phone calls the Designers created a final design for layout of the kitchen. After a final confirmation of our measurements we went ahead. We made our payment through and we were sent fully detailed plans for our Contractor to use who was impressed with the quality and detail of the plans. We were also sent a sample of the cupboard door so that we could use it as we made our choices for countertops, flooring, backsplash, etc.

The delivery of the cabinetry was easily coordinated with our timeline and everything arrived in perfect condition along with plenty of trim and filler pieces for all the finishings. We now have a beautiful kitchen of exceptional quality that we love. CRAFT + MAIN CABINETRY is a unique online company for kitchen cabinets that supplies in-stock and special order cabinets that I would recommend to anyone. It offers a personalized service of dedicated designers who work collaboratively with the customer online and by telephone to generate a one-of-a-kind design and a website that allows you to be part of the design process.