Testimonial Mark - Before

We worked with Mary-Ellen Riley from Craft + Main Cabinetry on designing our kitchen and back door entrance closest. It was an excellent experience.

Mary-Ellen took our original CAD design and created a new version with specs and 3D renderings. Over a period of time, we went through several iterations and Mary-Ellen was always very patient and attentive to our comments and last minute modification requests. Even though this was done remotely over email and phone it was easy and effortless.

Delivery was on time and cabinets arrived assembled and ready for installation. There were a couple of issues but Mary-Ellen ordered replacements, which arrived quickly under warranty.

During installation we had to make some modifications and adjustments to our original plan and again, Mary-Ellen was kind enough to help us and promptly ship the new parts which arrived quickly via FedEx.

The cabinets are high quality and manufactured accurately as per the specs. All the measurements were correct and installation was easy. This is a great product and service delivered by Craft + Main Cabinetry and backed up by Costco.

Working with Craft + Main Cabinetry was a great experience. We highly recommend Craft + Main Cabinetry to anyone working on kitchen renovation or a new kitchen design.

Thank you so much, Mary-Ellen and whole Craft + Main Cabinetry team.

Testimonial Mark - After

Testimonial Mark - After